Simulate Translate Test



The Industry Standard Vector Translation Solution.

With nearly 20 years of field-proven success, VTRAN® offers the most cost-effective, full-feature solution to creating EDA and ATE test programs from simulation and ATPG vectors. Whether you need to translate VCD or EVCD simulation dump files into a test program for one of the popular device testers, or you are taking ATPG-generated vectors in WGL or STIL format to a tester, VTRAN® provides the most reliable and lowest-cost option available today.

If you are using an in-house tool for this, VTRAN® can save your valuable in-house resources, time and money while at the same time bringing many powerful vector processing features to bear on solving your vector translation problems. Source III's technical support staff becomes an extension to your design and test groups to ensure your success. You get a proven, reliable product with a full-time technical staff to support it at a fraction of the cost of just one in-house engineer. No other tool on the market can offer the level of scope, features, performance, support and cost that VTRAN® is able to offer.

Try VTRAN by Source III Today

Copies of VTRAN®'s software, User Manuals, and Brochures can be downloaded from the list to the right. Simply place your cursor over the desired item and click your mouse. The Manuals and Brochures are available in pdf format. PDF files (xxx.pdf) can be viewed and printed with Acrobat reader. In addition to these Manuals and Brochures, a set of Microsoft Word training foils is also available for the VTRAN® product, as well a collection of example files and scripts.

Recent VTRAN Updates

Since the 10.0 release, VTRAN® is shipped with VCAP®VGEN® and DFTView® in a unified software package. The most current release is the Source III V10.5 Software Bundle. You have the option to install all the tools or just those of interest to you. Customers with Counted FlexLM Licenses for VTRAN® (Floating or Server-Managed Node-Locked only) automatically have access to a fully-licensed copy of DFTView®.

Included with VTRAN® since the 9.5 software release, is our powerful VTRAN® User Interface (VUI) which greatly simplifies using the software to perform vector translations. This utility guides the user through the command file creation process, then allows the user to optionally launch VTRAN® for the translation run, and also links to DFTView® for viewing the translation results if that software is installed.

The VTRAN® User Interface

The VTRAN® User Interface or VUI is a recent addition to the VTRAN® toolset which provides a graphical user interface tailored specifically for generating VTRAN® command files. The VUI allows the user to quickly generate valid command files, invoke VTRAN®, and even view the resulting vector file in our companion product DFTView® with a single mouse click. The VUI is included in the Software Bundle and is integrated with all the tools contained in it: VTRAN®, VCAP® and DFTView®.

VTRAN Introductory Video

Below is an introductory video to the VTRAN system. Watch how easy it is to translate between vector files in the VTRAN User Interface.