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  • Source III has been acquired by Synopsys

    Source III has been acquired by Synopsys

    Offering a complete end-to-end solution from design-for-test to automated tester equipment Read More
  • Powerful Tools Bridging Simulation, ATPG, and Test

    Powerful Tools Bridging Simulation, ATPG, and Test

    We provide the industry's most comprehensive & cost-effective vector translation product (VTRAN®) linking simulation/ATPG vector data to ATE, powerful vector analysis (VCAP®) and generic high-level vector creation (VGEN®). All Source III products are supported on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux Read More
  • DFTView® – A Simpler Way to Debug and Analyze

    DFTView® – A Simpler Way to Debug and Analyze

    Source III is proud to introduce DFTView® – the first product on the market that allows you to simultaneously display STIL and WGL source code with their equivalent graphical waveforms, giving you more control over the test process. Read More
  • Vector Translation Services at Source III

    Vector Translation Services at Source III

    Let us handle the vector translations for you. Source III’s VTRAN is the number one option available today for vector translations, including STIL, WGL, VCD, Verigy, Teradyne, IMS and more, and our company is happy to use our own software to translate your vector data to the appropriate language. Read More
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Linking Simulation and ATPG to ATE

The most cost-effective, full-feature solution to creating EDA and ATE test programs from simulation and ATPG vectors.

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Vector Comparison and Analysis

Is a comprehensive simulation data comparison and analysis program, providing powerful features for normalizing simulation data.

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Stimlulus Generation for Simulation.

VGEN® Reduces the time required to create, modify, document and maintain simulation stimulus files by up to 80%.

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STIL, WGL and VCD/EVCD Graphical Display and Validation tool. Simultaneously display STIL and WGL source code with their equivalent graphical waveforms

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Your source for: Test vector translation (translate between over 30 different vector and simulation formats) including: WGL to ATE, WGL to test, STIL to ATE, STIL to test, STIL to Advantest 93K, WGL to Advantest 93K, WGL to Teradyne FLEX, STIL to Teradyne FLEX, WGL to SmarTest 8, STIL to SmarTest 8, Simulation to test, ATPG to Test, VCD to ATE, VCD to Test, Verilog testbench translation, WGL waveform display, STIL waveform display, VCD waveform display, and DFT vector display.

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News: VTRAN Version 10.4 Now Live


VTRAN Version 10.4 is now live. Some of the most important updates include:

  • Added command line feature to have VTRAN list all possible state characters returned by any of the canned readers
  • Added support for ParallelPatList in STIL files where some patterns have the { Extend } attribute, for translations to event output formats (like testbench) which enables vtran to extend the last vector for parallel patterns which are shorter than the others. A common usage to represent asynchronous FreeRunning clocks.
  • Several updates to the SmarTest 8 include resolving Wavetable entries for multiple timesets into a single merged Wavetable per pin, adding support for Asynchronous FreeRunningClocks and also providing additional support for Multiport.
  • A new interface option was added for the Cadence Palladium emulator. With this interface a Palladium-optimized Verilog testbench output can be generated. This provides a smooth and efficient way to bring WGL and STIL patterns into the Palladium emulation environment.
  • VTRAN now supports an S3_QUEUE_TIMEOUT environment variable, an integer number in seconds to define the timeout duration when queued for a floating or server-managed FlexLM license.
  • Asynchronous FreeRunningClock support has been added to the STIL writer.

Please feel free and contact Source III for more information about these updates, or to suggest a feature to enhance our services.


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