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Stimulus Generation For Simulation

VGEN® is a generic stimulus generation language which reduces the time required to create, modify, document and maintain simulation stimulus files by up to 80%. VGEN® provides a powerful high-level language interface and runs on a variety of hardware platforms including 32-bit and 64-bit Linux platforms. It is a valuable tool for simulation environments like nanosim or SPICE by providing a high-level language interface to the tedious stimulus generation task.

With VGEN®, a designer can define and document simulation stimulus patterns using powerful high-level language constructs which are tailored to the particular needs of simulators and testers. VGEN® also allows substantial flexibility for modifying parameters that are important to simulators and testers.

VGEN® is shipped together with VTRAN®, VCAP® and DFTView® in a unified software package. The most current release is the Source III V10.5 Software Bundle . You have the option to install all the tools or just those of interest to you. VGEN® requires a separate license to run and cannot be used with a VTRAN® license.