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Vector Comparison and Analysis

VCAP® is a comprehensive simulation data comparison and analysis program. When performing data comparisons, it provides powerful features for normalizing simulation data to adjust for differences in format, timing and print mode.

VCAP® provides complimentary features to VTRAN® by performing timing analysis on a simulation results file to determine output pin delays and transitions, input pin timing behavior, and a resource summary for checking tester compatibility. VCAP® can also be directed to generate a comprehensive summary of signal transition times which can be used to set sample/strobe times in a VTRAN® translation of print-on-change vector data (like a VCD or EVCD file) to ATE test programs.

VCAP® software is shipped together with VTRAN®, VGEN® and DFTView® in a unified software package. The most current release is the Source III V10.5 Software Bundle . You have the option to install all the tools or just those of interest to you. VCAP® requires a separate license to run and cannot be used with a VTRAN® license.