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STIL, WGL and VCD/EVCD Graphical Display and Validation Tool

DFTView® is the first product on the market that allows you to simultaneously display STIL and WGL source code with their equivalent graphical waveforms. This enables test engineers to debug complex test programs more efficiently and accurately. DFTView® can be used for pre-silicon validation of test patterns after translation, often in conjunction with VTRAN®, or it can be used post-silicon to diagnose real-time tester problems.

Source code and waveform views automatically stay in synch as the user moves across tester cycles. Users can edit the STIL or WGL source code and DFTView® will syntax-check the code and regenerate the waveforms providing immediate validation of the changes.

DFTView® will directly display STIL waveforms, WGL waveforms, VCD files and EVCD files, Catalyst, SVF, TDL_91, Toshiba TSTL2 and Advantest T2000 files, as well as VTRAN-generated Advantest (Verigy) 93000, Advantest SmarTest8, Teredyne Flex and Teradyne J750/J750+ tester formats. DFTView® integrates seamlessly with both GTKWave and Synopsys Verdi3™ nWave viewers.

DFTView® software is shipped together with VTRAN®, VCAP® and VGEN® in a unified software package. The most current release is the Source III V10.5 Software Bundle . You have the option to install all the tools or just those of interest to you. DFTView® requires either a separate license or a counted FlexLM VTRAN® license (floating or server-managed node-locked only).


For more information, watch the video demo, read the datasheet, download a free demo version of the software (fully-functional with pre-defined, demo datasets), or request a 15-day free trial evaluation (fully-functional, evaluation key required) by clicking the button on the righthand sidebar.